At Ford End School we operate a first day contact policy.

Parents are expected to contact the school office by 9.10 a.m. on the first day of their child’s absence and leave a message on the dedicated answer phone.

If this call is not received, a member of the office staff will either text or telephone to obtain a reason for absence. Contact the office on every further day of absence before 9.10am.

Ensure your child returns to school as soon as possible. When children return to school following an absence, it is the parents responsibility to send a written explanation for the absence.

Any absence from school has an adverse impact on a pupil’s learning;
indeed attendance of 85% at the end of an academic year equates to almost half a term’s absence.

Attendance & Punctuality Policy can be accessed on the policies page here

The Application for Leave of Absence During Term Time Form can be downloaded here

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