In severe weather, please check whether the school is operating the ‘Late Start Policy’ or is closed.

This can be done on this website link here:

There are occasions when the school has to be closed in order to ensure the safety of both the students and the staff. In most cases the decision to close is made if snow or ice means a significant number of staff are unable to travel to school because of the severe conditions (some of whom travel a considerable distance). It is, however, our desire and intention to keep the school open whenever possible.

Late Start Policy

We have decided, in order to prevent parents and staff driving at the most difficult and dangerous time of day and to be fully aware of developing weather conditions, in future on snowy days we will operate a ‘Late Start Policy’. This will mean that in future on such occasions we will open the gates at 10.00am for registration with lessons starting at 10.10am.

If it becomes apparent before 10 o’clock that it is still not safe or appropriate to open we will contact you by:

  • ParentPay
  • School Website
  • Essex County Council Website

Your local radio stations will not be announcing individual school closures.

We all appreciate the difficulties of travelling first thing in the morning and hope parents agree that this is a sensible solution which will enable us to remain open for as much time as possible.

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